Legal costs

Estimates of costs to take different kinds of cases to trial are now available here. There are explanations of how the estimates are arrived at and schedules for calculating costs not included in an estimate. There is often a difference between the actual amount of costs you have to pay to your lawyer and the… Read More

New mobile site

We have made changes to this website to improve accessibility, especially for mobile users. The mobile version of this site has been shifted onto a new platform, and the look and feel of that version has been changed. Mobile users should now be able to navigate the website more easily using an improved menu, and… Read More

Mobile site issues

We are aware of two issues for users of our mobile site. They are to do with displaying our main menu and displaying tables embedded in some pages. We are working to resolve these. Thank you for your feedback and for your patience!

New liquidation templates

16 new template forms have just been uploaded to the ‘Templates‘ page. They relate to High Court proceedings to liquidate companies. There is a statutory demand, affidavits of service, a statement of claim, notices of proceeding, an advertisement, letters to advertisers, a statement as to advertising, liquidators’ consents and certificates, a memorandum of costs, a certificate… Read More

High Court Statement of Claim Example now includes an example of a statement of claim. The example is for a High Court proceeding and can be found on the ‘examples’ page. See the page on ‘statements of claim’ for more information about these documents. Templates can be found under ‘resources’.

District Court Synopsis Template

A template for a synopsis of submissions is now available on under Templates. It is a template for the District Court of New Zealand and incorporates the ‘F.I.L.A.C.’ structure for submissions. See Preparing submissions for a District Court trial for more on the ‘F.I.L.A.C.’ structure and examples of how you could put the template to use.

Disputes Tribunal case example now includes a new Examples page. It contains examples of completed forms used in New Zealand courts and tribunals. The first examples to be published are documents relating to a real case in the Disputes Tribunal. It concerns the failure of a Microsoft Surface tablet and a dispute concerning the applicability of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. It was… Read More