A civil dispute is an argument between individuals or organisations concerning the rights and obligations between them. Criminal sanctions are generally not the object of the argument.

This website addresses select aspects of the New Zealand legal system that relate to some civil disputes with some kind of commercial element to them. Such disputes can involve consumer guarantees, contracts, damage to property, debts, employment problems and tenancies.

The aspects of the legal system that this website addresses are prevalent and basic. Aspects that are less prevalent or more complicated are not addressed in detail or at all. Some civil disputes that are not addressed include disputes involving family law or the Family Court, Maori land law or the Waitangi Tribunal, Admiralty, professional misconduct, immigration, tax and the Human Rights Tribunal.

This website describes how some disputes may be raised and progressed before New Zealand courts and other forums including the Disputes Tribunal, the Motor Vehicles Disputes Tribunal, the Tenancy Tribunal, the Employment Relations Authority, the District Court and the High Court.

This website is created by Martin Dillon and published by DRF Limited. Mr Dillon is a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand, a Crown Prosecutor and civil litigation lawyer. DRF Limited is a New Zealand registered company.